Friday, 6 September 2013

Doubts About Software Testing....?

As a new member in testing world , My mind was surrounded by thousands of questions like-

1-Why do we need software testing?
2-What if , we remove testing phase from software development model?
3-Is testing really important?
4-If The developers have already big brain & more skillful (as people thinks) then why they do mistakes?
5-Is there any guarantee that tested project will never get fail? …. & so Many......

There is a big difference b/w 'Guru Ji' & 'Paid Faculty' & unluckily I always got paid faculty whose passion was money & not the education, So it was only my experience who can help me in finding the answer of above question But it may take a long time.... :(
I'm lucky that God gave me a bug inside me who never allows me to sit idle & wait for the things so I started reading/participating Blogs, books , article ,groups , communities to find the answers..

Now as my current experience , I can summarize my answers as -

1- Software testing is the process of validating & verifying that software will work as expected & surly will satisfy the need of the customer/user. This is the end object of any software development investment. So we can say that We Need Software Testing to achieve the end objective of Software development.

2- Software testing itself removes the bugs/issues or we can say the unexpected behavior of the software so if we remove this phase we may get the software with unexpected behavior or it may also get fail .

3- Yes, Yes & Yes... testing is really important to insure that the chances of product of getting fail have been reduce to a great extend & the product will work as expected under defined terms & conditions.

4- There is no comparison b/w a developer & a tester because they work in two different ways for achieving a same goal (but as a team).The developer uses his brain & skill in creating a thing while a tester uses his brain & skill in insuring that the thing is as expected.

5- Testing shows the presence & not the absence of the bugs. So there is no guarantee that tested project will never get fail but there Is a great probability that the software tested perfectly,will not get failed under explored failing areas (till now). But if a tested product get failed under defined terms & conditions then there may be the chances of getting new ,unexplored areas of testing,which may give a new direction or idea to testing world.

These are the answers based on my experience , knowledge & research till now, I found for my questions. But testing is the process of learning. Still I’m a learner in this field & I’ll talk after some time about above question after gaining more knowledge ,more experience & after doing lots of researches.

Thanks !!! :)