Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Hot Seat....

Tick tock.. tick tock ..tick tock , I was finding my way by following H R’s shoes … I don’t wanna make eye contact with anyone while noticing every thing around me & finally I reached my work place .She gave me a pen ,paper pad & few log-in details. My managers & team gave me a formal introduction then they left me with my hot seat . It was a comfortable seat but don’t know why I was not comfortable.

Every one going here & there looking at me and I was feeling like an alien . My soul was shouting loudly inside that I’m a normal human being like you. If you wanna know something about me ,ask me but not to my team mates whom even I don’t know.

I decided that I’ll never behave like this with any new member but what about me this time :(

I was feeling so lonely & missing my friends...wait a minute....No I'm not a kid , I have done my graduation , I was never a introvert person in my collage …. what happened to me ...i asked hundreds of questions to myself within a second.

I boost up myself by analyzing my past experiences , it made me feel better.

I thought that from tomorrow I'll -

-Not hesitate in making eye contact
-Ask what I don't know
-I'll feel that I’m also the part of this organization

Within one weak , I managed all mess around me & after few weeks, I became one of them & also feel comfortable on the same seat allotted me very first day , The hot seat ;) .

Thanks !!! :)

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