Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Let me explore the name- way2softwaretesting!!!!

When a passionate new test engineer enters in the world of software . He imagine the world which is similar to the definitions he has gone through. But what he finds a new world with customized definitions as per the comfort level of profit view, business analyst view & then developers view .

Now what to do as a fresher ,knowing something something but have no experience....

There is no other way to follow the process (way '2' instead of '1' ) silently to contribute in the project delivery on time. Sometimes the new testers try to add some quality in the process but what reply he/she gets-- Dear,you are new & have no experience .First , gain some experience & help to deliver the project on time then we will sit together and talk about quality. After delivering the project, new requirements/enhancements comes & then new dead lines & so & so on....

Now is there any loss or side effect ??

From the business point of view may ( creating a brand name) or may not be ( only to look for present or for few years).But the Major side effect of that is a 'passionate test engineer turns into just a test engineer ' & its just too sad.

It's A request to senior persons to please do not kill the passion of a beginner. Talk to him & appreciate for thinking & willing to do something about quality. May be as a beginner he/she is not right , tell him/her to improve but not to follow everything as it is without understanding. It may take your few extra minute of your schedule but it will surly be a great contribution for software word !!!

Thanks :)  !!!!