Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Search For The Dream Job !!!!

Years ago, in my final semester of B. Tech. .. what was there in my mind!!!! My friends, my result & a JOB.....!! Job the most important thing but where, in which domain for which designation ???? Aaaah ..No Idea :(

After Completing my collage life , I decided to search a job. Just a job criteria has been decided yet. It may be in networking, software development , database administrator or a lecturer. I was a normal student & I could survive in any domain .. that was my quality but all those fields were not attached with my soul & even I didn't know about that ;) because my focus was on getting just a job.

Finally , I got a job in software development & I was happy :) .
After few months , I noticed that I’m just surviving & not enjoying my work then how I’ll be a successful person without loving my work. Again a big question mark ???????????
I decided to give sometime to myself to think about.

There, everyone was noticing something except me....That was... I was more concerned about the quality instead of creating the application & I always see the application from the user's point of view ...the most uncommon behavior of a developer !! My colleagues call me to check the pages before submitting in project & I test those pages by giving extra time with a big smile. They gave me a name 'First tester' because I test before the test team
( unofficially) ;) .

After few months I realized that I can be a better test engineer than a good developer, I love this work , I can give some unpaid extra time when I test , people around me know me for my quality and not by name or post & this was the feeling for which I was looking from my last semester.

The search ends here. I have joined as a test engineer , my dream job..... attached with my soul.

Thanks :)   !!!!

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